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As Art Makers3D, we attach great importance to ensuring the privacy of users and the protection of their personal data so that the users of our website can benefit from our services in a safe, peaceful and complete manner. Accordingly, this Cookie Policy is in a whole with the protection of personal data on our Website and our privacy policy. For this reason, we recommend that you review our Cookie Policy together with our statements regarding the protection of personal data and our privacy policy.

Art Maker3D Website uses the Cookies defined below to show advertisements to its users, to perform analytical activities within the site, to monitor the usage habits of its users, to understand user behavior to improve its products, and similar purposes. In this Cookie Policy, Art Makers3D Website users can access information about which Cookies are used on our Website and how they can manage their preferences in this regard.



Cookies (also referred to as "cookies") are small text files that are stored by websites you visit on your device or web server through browsers. Cookies are created by servers associated with the website you visit. Thus, when you visit a website you visited again, the relevant server will be able to understand it. However, cookies do not contain personal data such as name, gender, address and similar information about visitors.

For more detailed information about cookies, you can visit and

We can categorize cookies under three headings in terms of purpose, person and duration;

For the purpose of use: technical cookies, verification cookies, advertising cookies, personalization cookies and analytical cookies,

In terms of the person placing: website cookies and third party cookies (website cookies are created by Art Makers3D, while third party cookies are created by companies in cooperation with Art Makers3D),

In terms of duration: session cookies and permanent cookies (session cookies are deleted after the user leaves the Art Makers3D Website, while permanent cookies can remain on users' devices for various periods depending on the area of ​​use).



We can use cookies on our Art Makers3D Website for the following purposes:

To perform the basic functions required for the Art Makers3D Website to work effectively. For example, Art Makers3D Website users do not lose the items in their basket during the visit.

Analyzing the Art Makers3D Website and improving the performance of the Art Makers3D Website. For example, determining the number of visitors to the Art Makers3D Website and adjusting performance accordingly.

To increase the functionality of the Art Makers3D Website and to provide ease of use. For example, the username etc. on the next visit of the user who visited the Art Makers3D Website. Remembering information or search queries.

To carry out advertising activity. For example, showing ads related to the interests of the user on the pages and products viewed by the users.



As Art Makers3D, we attach importance to the ability of Art Makers3D Website users to manage their preferences on their personal data. However, unfortunately, preference management for some cookies is not possible for the Art Makers3D Website to work. On the other hand, we would like to point out that turning off some cookies means turning off some functions of the Art Makers3D Website.

If the browser on which you view the Art Makers3D Website offers this option, you will have the opportunity to customize your preferences for cookies by changing your browser settings. Although it may vary depending on the browser you use, you will generally have the opportunity to (i) prevent the use of cookies by data owners, (ii) choose to receive a warning before the cookie is used, or (iii) disable or delete some Cookies. However, you may need to make your preferences regarding cookies separately on each device from which you access the Art Makers3D Website.



As Art Makers3D, with this Cookie Policy, we aim to inform users of Art Makers3D Website by providing detailed explanations about cookies. Users encounter a "cookie warning" on the Art Makers3D Website. It will be set if users dismiss the cookie warning they encounter and continue to visit Art Makers3D Website.

It is accepted that they consent to the use of ez. However, users have the ability to change their cookie preferences at any time.

Art Makers3D has created this Cookie Policy for the purposes stated above. Art Makers3D reserves the right to change the provisions of this Cookie Policy at any time. This Cookie Policy and the new policies to be created with the changes to be made later become effective on the dates they are published on the Art Makers3D Website.


Art Makers3D

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